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Alabama Kid Uses Mullet To "Shake The Hate"

Seven-year-old Ezra Cramer of Arab, Alabama, is on a mission, competing in the National Children’s Mullet Competition, an online contest to find the best mullets in the United States.

That’s right. There’s a mullet championship for kids. And I’m not mad about it. Are you?

Ezra is having fun, flaunting his unique haircut with the hopes of winning the contest when the voting closes on Monday.

But, he’s not just looking for personal glory with his glorious curly hairstyle.

Instead, he’s using his mullet -- and his newfound fame -- to spread a message of acceptance.

Unfortunately, Ezra has experienced bullying -- both online and in school -- for his haircut. His mother, Kaleigha, has helped Ezra through the bumpy times by encouraging him to just be himself.

And now that he’s a finalist in this national championship, Ezra has a message of positivity, using the catch phrase, “Shake the hate.”

They even printed up special T-shirts spotlighting Ezra’s hair -- with "Shake the hate" -- to spread awareness. Even better, two dollars from each shirt will be donated to an anti-bullying charity.

It's going to be a big weekend for Ezra. Whether he wins or loses the championship, he’s definitely helping others embrace the idea of being themselves and treating others with respect.

Good luck, Ezra! Way to go, Buddy!

Photo: Getty Images 

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