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Woman Wakes Up With Stomach Ache. Eight Minutes Later A Baby.

I'll never have a stomach again without thinking of this story!

On the morning of June 28th,Tilda Kantala woke up with what she calls a ‘small burning pain’ in her stomach. It happens. We all know that feeling.

Tilda thought that maybe she had eaten something the night before that didn’t agree with her. Less than eight minutes later, life drastically changed.

The tummy trouble turned into a familiar urge. It was the same one she had when she gave birth to her daughter two years ago.

Tilda was staying with her mom at the time. Her mother saw her in pain and asked if there was any way she could be pregnant. When the baby's head started to crown, they both knew she obviously was in labor. Nine months of pregnancy and she didn't even know it!

There was obviously no time to get to the hospital. So the baby boy was born at the house. The pair were then taken to the hospital. Four days and many tests later, both were released. Three months later - Mama and Baby Boy are doing really well!

Photo: Getty Images

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