Tom Hiddleston Brilliantly Narrates Pregnant Giraffe Cam


The internet can't handle that it's taking so long for this Giraffe to have a baby. We've all been captivated by the giraffe cam that has covered her every move, but still no baby.

Tom Hiddleston was on with BBC Radio 1 and they had him narrate what was going on. It's pretty amazing!


I'm not sure why we are so consumed by pregnant animals on camera but I guess nature is a beautiful thing. At what point does the internet lock us into a real human birth in someone delivery room? My guess is a Kardashian will be the first to do it. It works though, because there aren't many people who haven't seen their Vajayjays.

CLICK THE PIC BELOW to watch the live cam of April the Giraffe



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