Little Boy's Letter For Why He Stole, Is Heartbreaking

Many kids have to learn the lesson of stealing the hard way, when their parents see that they took something from the store without paying. Typically it's a slap on the hand and marching them back into the store to apologize. One little boy is going viral for what he did. 

A woman in Lakewood, Wash. is looking for a little boy who left a note on her front step with $5. The note described why he took her wind chime, and the money was to try and pay her back. It is heartbreaking what he wrote.

The note read, "I am sorry that we stole your wind chimes. Our Mom died and liked butterflies, so my sister took it and put it by our window. I am sorry, this is only money I have. Please do not be mad at us. -Jake"

The woman was so touched by the note and gesture, that she is now looking to find the boy and his sister. She said she has 3 of the chimes and wants to give them another. She also wants to give the money back, according to her Facebook page.

What a super sweet story! It seems the boy learned his lesson from stealing and the woman knows the wind chime means way more to those little children than it ever could to her. I hope they find each other.

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