What's The "Best Damn Thing" From Each State?

Bloggers Matt Lynch and Andy Kryza, from Thrillist.com, compiled a list of the things people consider the "Best Damn Thing" from each state. Georgia was a little surprising but I like it!

According the Thrillist, Georgias Best Damn Thing is "SouthernPlayalisticCadillacMusic". In short terms, our music scene has made such huge waves in all genres of music (Hip-Hop, Country, Pop). Music is, for sure, one of our greatest exports.... but not sure it tops the Sweet Tea or Peaches!


Here are a few "Best Of" in notable States:

Alabama: Crimson Tide

Alaska: Grizzly Bears

Colorado: Being High (on the mountains? ;-)

Florida: The News (So True! The weirdest news always outta FLA)

Indiana: Indy 500

Kentucky: Bourbon (TRUE! Lived there)

Minnesota: Prince

Nevada: Doing Illegal Things... legally

North Carolina: Michael Jordan (I'd say that or the women! FIRE!)

Tennesse: Music History

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