Bull Rider Bonner Bolton Crotch Grabbed Partner On DWTS

The newest season of DWTS debuted last night and it got a little handsy back stage, thanks to Bonner Bolton. 

The PBR athlete is getting blasted on social media for what looked like a really inappropriate crotch grab of his partner when he didn't think cameras where looking. You see Sharna Burgess pull his hand away quickly, but the internet is in a feeding frenzy now. 

TMZ shared the moment today: 


Both Bonner and Sharna are claiming it was just a really unfortunate looking accident with his hand placement. You see her roll into where he is to get out of Nick Vaill's way, and it seems he was trying to grab her waist and kinda guide her to where he was. 

Sharna got pretty upset on Twitter:


The face he is making while doing it is what seems odd to me. How do you not notice your hand placement when it's in that area? Bull riding is all about hand placement right?!



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