List Of The 10 Most Obnoxious Type Of People

We've all got those certain things that we CAN'T STAND, when we see a stranger do it. A new Daily Mail list compiled the "10 People It's Okay To Hate On Sight".

I don't like the word "hate" so we'll just call it the 10 Most Obnoxious type of people. 

Here are some of their examples:

* The person who uses public space — a park bench, bus, waiting area — to clip their nails.


* The mother-in-law, who’s just called 10 times to find out what you’re bringing over for the potluck dinner that’s two months away.

* The person who’s always late — for everything. 

* The social media grouser who complains about EVERYTHING in public view. 



Might I add, these people:

- The person who has NO CLUE how to use the self-check, but does it anyway! And need help 7 times!


- The Facebook couple that is TOO in love!

- The person who has nothing but selfies on their social media. WE GET IT... you have no self-esteem. 

Oshow Family added some pretty good ones too:



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