Two Single Guys Go On A "Homiemoon" And Pics Are Hilarious

Two guys living the bachelor life, decided to celebrate their 15 years of friendship with a "Homiemoon" in Thailand.

A couple of American bros kept seeing all their friends get married and have babies but weren't really on that level yet. They call each other "Heterosexual life-partners" sand decided a bro trip to Thailand would be a blast. They also spoofed celebrity couple, Murad and Nataly Osmann while taking pictures. (DailyMail)

It's pretty awesome!


What an awesome idea! haha If I did this with friends though, it would look a lot more like a spoof of "The Hangover". Someone would get lost, a lion would be in our hotel, and we probably would get banned from the country, for stealing a cop car. That's kinda how we roll. 

This was the couple they spoofed:



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