A Dutch Town Adds Crosswalk Lights For Texters

A Dutch town got innovative, to save lives of people engrossed in their phones. They added new crosswalk lights, for texters.

Bodegraven, in the Netherlands, added a strip light to the ground at some crosswalks for pedestrians. to help prevent them from wandering dangerously into traffic.

Being glued to our phones has come, "at the expense of attention to traffic", Councillor Kees Oskam told BBC. It's causing accidents and hurting or killing people. 

(Source: BBC)


This will be in the States in no time. I guarantee it! People are cellphone zombies these days. I miss the days when people would smile and say hello to each other. Instead, we GOTTA CHECK OUR LIKES ON FACEBOOK!

According to USA Today, The biggest increase of pedestrian deaths in 4 decades, was in 2015. It was a 10% spike year-over-year, which they attribute to cell phone use. Pedestrians accounted for 15% of all motor vehicle crash fatalities last year.

People may say we're just encouraging bad behavior, but it seems like it could help save lives. Besides, it could also encourage more light-saber fights... and I'm ok with that!



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