Scientific List Of Ages We Peak At Different Things

Science is fun right?! Especially when they put out the list of ages we peak at looks, marriage, and life in general.

A new scientific study listed the ages we peak at some major things in life, such as attractiveness, vocabulary, learning languages, playing chess, finding someone to marry us, ect. (Business Insider)

Here are some of the most interesting:

  1. Learning A New Language - 7 or 8
  2. Brain Processing Power - 18
  3. Remembering people’s names - 22 
  4. Women's Attractiveness to Men - 23
  5. Life Satisfaction - 23 (then again 69)
  6. Peak Age to Get Married - 26
  7. Chess playing - 31
  8. Women's salaries -39 Men's -48
  9. Math Skills - 50
  10. Psychological Well-Being - 82


So congrats... you've probably peaked at looks. Unless you're Adam Levine, he peaked at about 2:45pm today. 



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