Dictionary.com Adding 300 New Words Like, "Slay", "Dabbing", "Hangry"

300 new words are being added to the Dictionary.com book of words. Words like, "Slay", Dabbing, & "Hangry", are among many other slang terms officially making their mark on our language.

"Many people who have that opinion believe that English stopped changing right before they were born, and that is simply not how the language works. It's continually evolving," Jane Solomon, Dictionary.com lexicographer told CNN.


Here are a few of the new words added (UPI)

• 420


• cheat day

• cold brew

• dad bod

• friendiversary

• hangry

• lightsaber

• man bun

• mic drop

• sext

• slay

• smackdown

• struggle bus

• superfood

• teachable moment

• uncanny valley


Any words you'd delete from the English language if you could? "Moist", "Bromance", "Umm"



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