We Totally Understand This Mets Fan's Explosive Reaction to Commute Problems

Frank Fleming was trying to get to opening day of the New York Mets Vs. Atlanta Braves and exploded, when his commute became a horrible 5-hour ordeal.

Penn Station had a train derailment which completely ruined the train system for a few hours on opening day of the Mets. Frank Fleming is the voice of all of us when the news catches up with him about his problems. 


I was in the same mood when the I85 bridge collapsed, and I spent 3 hours trying to get home last week. Someone invite Frank to Atlanta and we'll show him what real commute problems look like! 

P.S. The Braves lost 6-0.  

This guy will be our spirit animal on Braves opening day, and we all see how horribly wrong they where, to think they fixed the traffic problems with the new Braves stadium.



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