So, What's The Most Educated City in Georgia?

24/7 Wall Street compiled a list of the smartest cities in each state. So which city in Georgia came in 1st?

It wasn't Atlanta, but there is a city very close by that topped the list. It's the home of  the University of Georgia, which enrolls roughly 27,500 undergraduate students. 

> Most educated city: Athens-Clarke County

> Pct. with bachelor’s degree: 38.0%

> Number of postsecondary institutions: 3

> Median household income: $38,643

There is a many more college educated people in Athens than any other city in the peach state. 


A study by Zippia in 2016 differed a little. They based their study on most high school graduates versus dropouts in the State of Georgia. Pooler, GA is the smartest city according to their study. 


Here is their list of smartest cities in GA:

I just moved to Buford, so I'd like to apologize for bringing that average down! haha



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