Georgia Family's Soccer Pic Is Causing A Stir On Twitter

A pictured shared from a little girl's soccer game, has garnered almost 5,500 re-tweets and 23,000 likes because of what these parent's did.

The photo was posted by @JSpruel10 and shows Maelyn, a 4-year-old Georgia girl, with both her parents and step-parents, showing a united front and support for her. It's all too common that people have trouble co-parenting, in today's world. I am a child of parents who were HORRIBLE at it. 

Many people are praising this family for their amazing show of love and support, despite their own differences. 


Maelyn's birth mother told Buzzfeed,  "It is important that Maelyn grows up knowing that her mommy and daddy were able to put our differences aside for the sake of her."

Her step-mother, Emilee Player, tweeted this:


I hope they truly stick to this plan and show this girl all the love they can. I can speak from experience, divorce is a terrible and scary thing for kids. It's important for parents to make sure they don't feel like they are the reason for it, or that they weren't good enough for one parent to stick around. 

MAJOR PRAISES to these parents! It's sad that this isn't the norm though. 



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