OShow #HumpDaySurvey: 63% Of Singles, Like This In Your Profile Pic

Every Wednesday about 5:30 we throw out a random survey question for you to guess at. This one has to do with dating life. 

The Oshow #HumpDay Survey: If 63% of singles see this is in your profile pic, more likely to get a date. What is it? (Study Finds)


Other findings in at study of 1,000 UK singles, by Elite Singles:

- 63% prefer dog owners, 18% cats

- 57% think being a pet owner makes you a better mate

- 71% love to hear stories about your pet

-31% would end a relationship, if they didn't mesh with the pet

I'm not single and ironically my wife despises my pets. I have a cat and a dog. This is my doggy "Lacy Lou"


This is my cat "Xavier"



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