911 Call Released From "Bachelor" Chris Soules's Deadly Accident

Early reports of a deadly accident involving former "Bachelor" Chris Soules, said he fled the scene on foot immediately, but a new 911 call and witness reports are painting another story.

TMZ released a 911 call of a distraught Soules reporting the accident and attempting to check on the victim. This could be a major assist to his court case, as it proves he was trying to help. He checked the man's pulse, and reported his condition. It seems he even assisted others with CPR.


According to new evidence released, Soules also stayed on scene until paramedics arrived, but left before cops arrived to investigate the accident. 

Alcohol was found on scene, so cops continue to investigate that, as well as, text messages and social posts. They are looking to see if distracted driving could've played a part in the accident. (TMZ)

More info from TMZ

It seems with the new evidence, he could avoid jail time but could be facing a pretty big settlement.



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