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Met Gala's Very Odd Moments

The Met Gala was held last night in L.A. It's known for have some very unique fashion and celebs trying to one up each other. This years got extra odd for many reasons.

Madonna got epicly photobombed:

So did Tom Brady and his wife:

Katy Perry looked like she tripped over a fabric store, got caught in it and just wore that:

Jaden Smith looked more normal... but still carried his old hair cut around!? WTH?

The Olsen Twins looked like they where going to murder someone in the 1940's:

An then there was..... THIS: (so confused)

Rhianna's dress was called one of the best of the night, but how the heck did she sit down?

And lastly, the "No Selfie" rule got broken by a Kardashian of course... in the bathroom:

 (this would not fly in North Carolina! haha)

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