A Picture At A Deadly Georgia Crash Site Shows "Pathway To Heaven"

A picture going viral from a Georgia accident that took the lives of 2 women and a 9 month old baby, shows what the family is calling a "pathway to heaven".

Hannah Simmons, her daughter A'lannah Hopkins, and Lauren Buteau were driving on Georgia State Route 347 April 25th, when her car lost control and hit an oncoming truck. All 3 lost their lives in the crash, but the family is finding hope in a simple picture that was taken at the site. (WSB-TV)

It will give you chills.


Family member Jodi carter told WSB-TV, "It took my breath away. Chills covered my body. And then a peace came over me," talking about the picture take by another driver, minutes after the crash! 

I am blown away my self! The hair on the back of my neck stood up when I saw this photo. What a beautiful sign of a higher power. There are just no words. 



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