Pictures Of Casey Anthony Holding a Baby Hit The Internet

Casey Anthony, the notorious mother who was acquitted of killing her toddler 9 years ago, was photographed holding another baby and the internet is not ok with it.

Anthony was recently in the news for saying she "slept well at night", in an interview. Eerie words for a woman who most of the country believes got away with killing her daughter Caylee.  

Seeing these new pictures just feels so wrong. She's out to lunch with friends in Clearwater, FL and playfully holding their baby. 


TMZ shared more photos. They say she was at lunch with a "Veteran NBC producer", and that she has become pretty good friends with his family. The infant is the producers grandson. 

I'm sorry, but I'd never let that woman hold my child. I know she's probably not out to just kill kids but it just feels disgusting. Her privilege with kids has been revoked in my mind. I mean seriously! I know she wasn't convicted, but you tell me someone "may have molested a child", same thing to me. Not being around my kids!



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