Woman Finds Disgusting Alien Looking Blob In Her Coconut Water

I'm sure we've all found a hair or maybe a bug in our food before, but this may be one of the most disgusting finds in food I've ever seen.

Barbara Marie shared an alien looking blob she found in her VitaCoCo coconut water that made her sick recently. It's gone viral because of how odd looking and horribly gross it looks. She wrote on Facebook, "I don't know what it is it looks like mold but I am highly convinced that it's something else." Marie reportedly had diarrhea for several days after and had blood tests done.(AOL)

The worst I've found is half a bug, one time, in my food. I'm pretty sure I'd throw up and never be able to drink something again, that I couldn't see through the bottle. 

What's worst thing you've found  in something edible?

WARNING: This may make you nauseous! It did me!



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