GA Couple Gives Birth In A Car On The Way To Hospital

White County, GA couple, Alaina Whitson and her fiancee' William Comdrey, got quite the surprise after a 3 a.m. wake-up for a baby on the way. The couple was attempting to rush to the hospital but didn't quite make it.

They first thought it may be a Braxton-Hicks false alarm, but her water broke within 25 minutes and the rush was on. According to Atlanta's Fox 5, everything went so quickly. “One contraction and her head was out,” Alaina said.


They had to pull over on the trip to the hospital and call Comdrey's sister who was a mid-wife and close by. They called 911 and delivered the baby in the back of Alaina's Kia. 

They named they're new daughter Auverin. 

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