Another "Bachelor" Couple Bites The Dust

The odds of finding your forever love on "The Bachelor" is probably less likely than winning the lottery, yet women across the world swoon over the "perfect love" they see on the show. (My wife included)

I joke with my wife, I could fall in love with Rosie O'Donnell on that show with all the exotic amazing places they go. Then they create the most romantic, perfect setting. most last longer than a Kardashian relationship, but rarely is it forever.

Ben Higgins and his fiancee ,Lauren Bushnell, announced that they have broken up telling People in statement, “We wish nothing but the best for each other."


Ben was the one who told both final 2 girls that he was "in love" with them, then dropped JoJo like a burnt cigarette. He asked Bushnell to marry him in January of 2016 on "The Bachelor". So whoever had 16 months in the office pool... TIME TO COLLECT!



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