Man Sets Himself On Fire On Facebook Live And Runs Into A Memphis Bar

With several Facebook Live murders recently, people getting shot on Facebook Live, and now this man lighting himself on fire while live... I think we need a moron block.

Jared McLemore, 33,of Memphis died from his injuries, after dousing himself in Kerosene, then running into a crowded bar where his ex-girlfriend worked. Of course, before the attempted suicide, he went live on Facebook. He was probably hoping he'd be virally famous for his act of stupidity. 


The band Billie Dove had just finished their set at Murphy's on Madison Avenue in Midtown around 12:30 Saturday morning. That's when McLemore, whose had previous domestic charges with his ex, ran into the crowded bar. According to WREG, people quickly tried putting out the flames with their own clothing, but it was too late for McLemore. He died in the hospital hours later.


Kimberly Koehler told AOL, "It was almost like.....he wanted it to go down in some sick way and for everybody to see it."

I understand depression is a crazy, consuming disease, but for him to put others lives in jeopardy to kill himself for the "likes", is moronic and disgusting. Thankfully his ex or any other bystanders weren't harmed in the incident. 

We can make computers with life-like ability and thought... someone can create a "stupidity filter" to block idiots like this from my Facebook feed, right?



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