Possibly The Most Dangerous Proposal Ever, In The Path Of A Tornado!?

One couple's proposal is going viral because of how dangerous it was. 

Alex Bartholomew, of Texas, has a love for storm chasing. He also found the love of his life in girlfriend Britney Cayton. He told Inside Edition, "I really wanted to combine my two greatest loves into one shot." 

That's when he took Cayton out on a "routine" chase, so she thought. When they got to the perfect place to take pictures of the massive tornado coming at them, he dropped to one knee and popped the question.


He wrote, "she said YES! I can't quite describe the feeling that has overcome me. Elated, ecstatic, overjoyed, just plain damn happy."

Cayton was pretty excited about the setting too. She told Inside Edition, "I had no idea, it was a complete shock," she told the news outlet. "I just nodded because I couldn't (get) words out I was tearing up so bad."


The adrenaline of the moment had to be ridiculous. I love watching storms and seeing stuff like this, but I'm pretty sure if you can see the funnel,... you should probably be taking cover!

This is probably one of the most dangerous proposals ever! I'd hate to see what kind of weather their hoping for on wedding day. 



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