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North Carolina Honor Student Banned From Graduation For This Shirt

An honor student from Hickory Ridge High School in North Carolina was suspended and banned from graduation for a shirt the showed her collar bones. 

NBC Charlotte spoke to Summer who said she was in the cafeteria when the principle said he shirt (which swooped under he collar bones and showed her back) wasn't up to the school dress code rules. He asked that she put on a jacket immediately. End of story right? NOPE! 

She was then suspended and banned from graduation ceremonies. 

"I completely understand why a dress code is put into place but I feel like after I put on that jacket it should have been subdued," Summer told NBC Charlotte.

The principle decided he wanted her to come with him and change her whole outfit. Because of previous incidents with this principle, she politely told him she couldn't go until her mother was called an informed of the situation (which was a request made known by her mother previously).

That's when things escalated into a 10 day suspension and ban from graduation. 

"It's just sad because I worked so hard for four years to walk across that stage," she says. "We have drug dealers walking across that stage, we have sex offenders walking across that stage and then the 4.4 student who showed her shoulders can't." (NBC Charlotte)

This sounds like the Principle was just looking for a reason to bother this young girl. I had a dean that I butted heads with too and it lead to me getting an in-school suspension for something stupid, just like this. I think he should set his personal vendetta aside and give this girl her graduation. She worked hard for the GPA and earned it. Don't take it away for something so minuscule.

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