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OShow #HumpDaySurvey: 20% Of Memorial Day Injuries Are From This?

Every Wednesday on the O Show around 5:30p, we throw out a random stat/fact for you to guess at. See if you can be the smartest kid in the class. 

Memorial Day Weekend is one of the most injury prone holiday of the year. Most people are injured doing football or recreational activities, but 20% are injured by this? (Live Science)

Take a guess, then click below for the answer:

Here are a few more stats from Live Science:

-Labor Day and Memorial Day are the leading injury holidays. 4th or July and Halloween are 2nd and 3rd.

- Boys accounted for 62% of injuries

- Most common was a laceration

- 41.6% were sports related

- 16% where from chairs or tables

- Only 2.9% where firework related

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