'Bachelorette' Rachel Lindsay May Have Accidentally Revealed Who She Picks

The newest "Bachelorette" Rachel Lindsay is only a couple episodes in and may have already spoiled the show. 

There are some pretty major contracts involved when you are on reality shows like "The Bachelorette", so if Lindsay new video does spoil the ending, she could face a MAJOR lawsuit. A video shared on Instagram of her with friends at a premiere party, has people speculating. In the background, you can see a guy that looks very familiar.

Rumors (according to TMZ) are she picked Peter Kraus and didn't notice that he was in the background of this Instagram video


A Reality guru and spoiler King, Reality Steve has also said this is the guy she for sure picks.


A reported source close to Rachel told TMZ that the guy in the video is NOT Peter. They said that it's just a good friend of hers that happens to looks similar. Not sure I'm buying that! 

Regardless, I will be forced by my wife to watch every episode until the end. I loathe this show because it's so unreal reality. If you put 25 of the most attractive people in a room, then fly them to the most beautiful places on earth, people are gonna fall "in love". Even if they've only known each other for 3 months. 

My theory that most never work out, is that you are falling in love with the scenario and moment, not the person. When you find out he's kinda lazy and never wears a suit in real life, plus also still mooches from his parents. Combined with the fact that your now dating in his tiny bachelor apartment, and he can't afford to take you to Myrtle Beach, let alone Italy, things change. 



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