Smyrna Couple Gives Woman Their Car When They Hear Her Story

A Chance encounter in Smyrna, GA at Steve Rayman Chevrolet becomes a beautiful story of humanity and love, when a Smyrna couple hands over their car to a special woman.

According to WSB-TV 2, the unnamed couple was in the dealerdship buying a car and trading in their car, when they ran into Maria Light. She was holding a baby that was a few days old and they got to talking. She told them he was born alcohol dependent and his mother abandoned him. “Her real birth mother dropped her off at the hospital and didn't want the baby anymore,” Light explained. She foster's 5 others just like him. 

That's what she does, is foster babies who are abandoned. She was at the dealership trying to get approved to get a car. 


That's when the couple felt compelled to help this woman out. They immediately decided they would give their trade-in car to her for free (worth $10,000) and purchase their new car out-right. 

“So we did the whole deal over and all the paperwork," Steve Rayman, of Steve Rayman Chevrolet, told WSB-TV. "And these folks just gave the customer their trade-in for free." 

Rayman even paid for the tax, title, and licensing for Light, as well. The dealership also set up a  GoFundMe account to help her out further. 

That right there, is God putting two people in the right place, to do his work. So amazing! And so deserved, with the work this woman does out of the kindness of her heart. 



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