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Michigan Woman Kicked Out Of Mall For 'Finding Nemo' Tank?!

A Michigan woman took to Facebook to express her embarrassment and anger after being asked to leave Woodland Mall in West Michigan because of her outfit. 

20-year-old Hannah Pewee was asked by Mall security to leave the mall after complaints that her outfit wasn't appropriate. Her out fit was a "Finding Nemo" tank-top, jean shorts, and flats. Looks pretty common to me for summer! 

Pewee said "it is NINETY degrees outside" and felt "so embarrassed I almost cried", after the incident. 

"I was out having a fun time with my sister and next thing I know, I'm out on the street. Slut-shaming how girls are dressed is deplorable and outdated, and it needs to stop," she wrote on Facebook. 

Many of her commentors shared in her anger sarcastically writing, "Silly me I forgot I am a mere woman and my body should be hidden not flaunted. Cover up them ankles ladies it is 1817 after all."

The Mall did reach out to Hannah and apologize for the misunderstanding and is currently revising their clothing policy. 

I can't imagine who looked at her outfit and felt offended by that?! Then again, we are in the age of EVERYONE being offended by EVERYTHING! STOP! Let this girl wear what she wants. This outfit was in no way revealing or "slutty". 

It's apparent to me, whoever was offended by this..... has never been to Wal-Mart. 

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