Corinne and DeMario Speak Out About 'Bachelor' Investigation

A full on investigation is happening on the set of "Bachelor In Paradise" after an incident in a pool with DeMario Jackson and Corinne Olympios. One film crew member reported feeling "very uncomfortable" about what happened between DeMario and a nearly unconsciously drunk Corinne, according to some reports.


Many reports are saying DeMario took sexual advantage of her, without her being able to give consent. No one has thrown out the "rape" card just yet, but Corinne is claiming she doesn't recall most of what happened and blames the film crew for not stopping it. 


The filming has been stopped and all cast members where sent home. It seems the fate of the show actually airing is at stake, until the investigation is complete.

DeMario released a statment as well saying "My character has been assasinated". This coming from the guy who also had his current girlfriend show up on the latest "Bachelorette" season when he was trying to win Rachel's heart. 



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