Brett Eldredge Hilarious Disguise To Watch Brooks & Dunn

Brett Eldredge opened for Brooks & Dunn at Festival in New Orleans. Since they are his childhood heroes, he had to figure out a way to go watch the show incognito. His disguise is pretty ridiculous.

He shared a Facebook video in his tour bus as his new alter ego and oddly looked a lot like Chad Kroeger from Nickelback.


The wig was pretty horrible but Eldredge said he got to watch their whole set from the crowd and no one bothered him. He said, "Of course, some people saw this giant guy with a wig sticking out a little bit. But I actually got to see the whole show. And I felt like that same kid that was listening to Brooks and Dunn when I was 15 or 16."

He was such a fun and nice guy when I got to meet him at his Atlanta show last week! 



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