Johnny Depp Threatens To "Assassinate The President"

Johnny Depp is the latest actor to threaten the life of President Trump. Did he not learn much from the Kathy Griffin deal?!

He was playing a show at the Glastonbury Festival in Europe, when he got to talking with the crowd and joked, "When's the last time and actor assassinated the President?..... Maybe it's time."


So disgusting! I love Johnny Depp, but just lost so mush respect. Yes.. you have the free right to say something like that, but where is your human decency though? Because he's in a political office, it's funny? At the end of the day, he's a normal human being like the rest of us. To devalue another humans life that much, is disgusting.

Regardless of politics, I will never think it's right to joke about murdering our President. I hate the climate our country is in. Yeah... maybe he's not the greatest choice, in your mind, to lead, but do we not have a responsibility to unite and make our country GREAT regardless of who is leading? Division will only weaken the amazing country we have. 

I think it's time to stop bit**in and moaning so much about it, and show some action in your own life to better your world and our country. I love America regardless of who is running it, and I wake up with a positive mind and try to make positive movements in life. 

OK... soapbox done. 



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