Woman's Selfie FAIL Ruins $200,000 Art At Museum

A major art exhibit in L.A. put on by Simon Birch at The 14th Factory turned into a major loss when a woman's selfie went horribly wrong. 

The room she was in featured 60 crown sculptures made of different materials from gold to flowers to wood. In the security cam footage, you can see a woman, in the top right, kneel down to take a selfie with the art. She then falls into it and creates a domino effect to several other pieces on display. (Live Leak)


In total, the exhibits that were permanently damaged to the tune of $200,000. That a pretty damn expensive selfie! Maybe the artist should've secured the pedestals for such valuable items to the floor a little bit more. 

Here are some other major art mishaps that caused MILLIONS in damage:



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