Lawsuit After Man Puts His Junk In Co-Worker's Lunch Sandwich

A giant lawsuit has started at Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant near Manhattan, after a long-time employee allegedly walked up to a female co-worker at lunch, put his penis in her sandwich, then laughed and walked away.

NY Post reports, Security officer Vito Messina has currently 3 lawsuits against him claiming years of harassment at work. The last involving him adding some sausage to a co-worker's sandwich, for which he was promptly fired by the company. 


This just blows my mind that someone really did this! What part of that idea seemed like it was gonna be funny or accepted? You can't be that stupid? Can you?

This feels like a ridiculous skit in a work harassment training video. "What did BOB do wrong here?"

A. Sexually harassed Carol 

B. Didn't wear a condiment

C. He did not respect Carol's choice to be Vegan.



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