GA Couples Goodwill Date Night Hilariously Epic

A Fighting Pine, Georgia couple is going viral for a fun, goofy date night they had recently. 

They both spent $10 on each other's outfit at Goodwill. They had to wear that outfit on the date and own the look. They couldn't bring it up or talk about it to strangers, just wear it. They even came up with fake names, Ethel and Roger. Then they went out for dinner at Longhorn and just laughed and enjoyed each other.


Now with over 400,000 shares, Noel and Shane Pauley are having even more of a laugh about their fun and hilarious "Goodwill Date Night". "Y'all, I don't think we have laughed this hard in a long time. Marriage is tough, parenting is tough, and honestly life is tough. But everything is better when you're doing it with your best friend," Noel wrote on her Facebook.

She also does a blog called  "Baby Bows and Bullets" and chronicled the entire experience. She invited other couples to try it and just let loose for a night with your husband. She wrote, "I hope all you couples actually do it. It has brought us so much laughter still. Make some memories together outside the norm!"


This is awesome!! Props to this couple for being so fun and entertaining with each other. My wife and I struggle to have good date nights with two kids, but it's important to try to do it often, so as not to lose each other. I may have to try this one out! LOVE IT!



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