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Things People Hate Most In Each State

A new dating app pairs people up not based on they're common likes, it's based on things they can't stand. It's called the Hater app. I'm sure the users are pleasant people. 

The app gurus compiled their users profiles and put together a list of the most common things people hate in each state. There are some pretty interesting ones. 

For Georgia, apparently we have a deep hatred for tuna salad sandwiches

Not quite as odd as Colorado, who still hates N'Sync. Should probably get passed that one soon!

Or, California who hates Fidget Spinners.

I'm still shaking my head a little at Illinois, as well. Biting string cheese is not something I've really ever thought about. Although, coming from IL, I do pull it apart in strings when I eat it. 

New Hampshire's dislike for God seems the most harsh. (Mashable)

Here's the full map:

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