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NY Driver Pulled Over With No Doors, No Windshield & Ax In The Roof

Wyoming County Sheriff's deputies had a very unique encounter with a driver recently. 

A report came in of a suspicious vehicle in New York State, when police caught up with the vehicle, they realized how suspicious it really was. It had no doors, no windshield, no license plates, and a giant ax sticking out of the roof. 

According to police reports, the driver, Jared Price, 21, gave no real good explanation for the very odd looking vehicle and failed several sobriety tests. 

He was arrested on charges of driving while impaired by drugs, driving while impaired by a combination of drugs and alcohol, driving without license plates, operating an unregistered and uninspected motor vehicle, operating without insurance, lacking a front windshield and driving without safety glass. (UPI)

Part of me is surprised he didn't have like brand new 20" rims on it. I've literally seen something similar before. 

I can't imagine how the conversation went:

Officer: "Sir, do you.....know why I pulled you over?" 

Driver: "Uh.... nope!"

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