Man's Motel Ghost! Real Or Fake?

Frank Ramirez's motel video is going viral, when an apparent spirit starts moving random things in his motel room in Harlingen, Texas. 

It started with the phone falling off the hook, then a cup hitting the floor and several other objects moving in the motel room. 

He shared it on his Facebook and said, IDK what it is, but it was here".


I believe in the paranormal and Texas is for sure haunted in a lot of places. The problem is, it seems to "on demand" for me. It does pretty much everything he's asking it. Normally, paranormal activities aren't this easy to produce. 

I have a friend who hunts ghosts in Texas with a team, they've had some similar experiences, but they were very few and far between. They also weren't this prominent. Plus, there's one point when you see him in the mirror, it looks like he's moving his arm backwards, as if he's pulling something.

I'm a little skeptical. Real or fake? What you think?



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