Bride Pulls 9mm On Her Groom And Fires At His Head

Murfreesboro Police Department Mugshot

Newlywed Kate Elizabeth Prichard from Murfeesboro, TN is facing several serious charges after she pulled a 9mm from her wedding dress and fired it at her new husband.

Police reports say Prichard and her husband of just a few hours where arguing at the Clarion Inn after the wedding. That's when she pulled a 9mm from her wedding dress, pointed at his head, and pulled the trigger. Fortunately the gun wasn't loaded, but according to witnesses, she then loaded it and fired a shot in the air. Before police arrived, she tried ditching the gun in a bathroom at the hotel. (WBTV)


Prichard is facing charges of aggravated domestic assault. She posted $15,000 bond. 

I'm shocked she isn't facing attempted murder. I hope that guy got an annulment. not sure I'd be able to sleep next to her EVER again.

To her credit though, at least she took the vows seriously.. you know "till death do us part". 



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