Couple Is Claiming Jesus Is In Sonogram Photo

Every year it seems, there is another story about random things that Jesus's likeness appears in. Whether it's a grilled cheese sandwich, or a tree, or even a pizza. Now a woman claims he's in her sonogram picture. 

A Pennsylvania couple is calling it a miracle baby already and their daughter isn't even born yet. Alicia Zeek and Zach Smith have already had 2 babies with birth defects, they feared the same for the newest one baking but have been put at ease now that Jesus is in the sonogram picture.

To the left of the babies face, a figure of what looks like a man can be seen. Do you see it?


Smith told WSVN-TV, “[it's] distinct. I mean, there’s another face looking at my daughter.”

What do you think? I've seen a few sonograms and they always have weird shapes because of the technology. I see what they are saying, but I'm guessing that's a body part of the baby that just didn't come out clear. And whose to say it's Jesus? It kind of looks like it could be Cheech or Chong too!



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