Princess Diana Memorial Floral Tribute Is A Thing Of Nightmares

To commemorate the 20th anniversary of Princess Diana's death, Chesterfield, England was presented with a floral tribute in the likeness of the former princess. Problem was... it's was hideous. 


A spokesman for the authority said: "The well dressing is produced by 14 volunteers using the ancient Derbyshire art of well dressing, which involves creating designs from flower petals and other natural materials.

The internet has gone wild over the design because it really is a thing of nightmares. Some called it an "insult to Diana". Another person from Chesterfield said, "I live here and, let me tell you, I can feel its eyes on me, even now in my house."

REALLY?! No one who helped design this looked at it and thought, "you know... she looks evil. Can we at least fix the lazy eye and weird teeth?"



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