Naked Man Caught On Tape Breaking Into Funeral Home


A funeral home in Kentucky is feeling violated after security cameras captured a naked man breaking into the business and even stealing clothes, that where supposed to go on a corpse.

Police in Kentucky are investigating the incident caught on tape Wednesday night. Reports say the man spent over 3 hours in the funeral home, at one point getting naked, then trying on a dead man's clothes, meant for his viewing. He even smelled the underwear before putting the suit on. 

"While he was in there, he took a green sports jacket, khaki pants, and jewelry that were meant to be used in a funeral for a subject who was at the funeral home waiting to be prepared," Detective Kevin Smith with the Leitchfield Police Department told WAVE 3.

Source: Watson & Hunt Funeral Chapel

The suspect seems to be intoxicated in the video to me. He stumbles around while looking through stuff. How was he in there for 3 hours?! How creepy would that have been with several dead bodies just laying around. Then putting on a dead man's suit! Karma is not gonna be fun for this guy.



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