Shania Twain Has Wardrobe Malfunction On America's Got Talent Finale


Shania Twain was featured on on the America's Got Talent finale last night. She almost showed the world EVERYTHING she's got when her dress had a bit of a snag.

Twain sang "Still The One" with AGT Finalist Mandy Harvey before breaking into a performance of her newest single "Life's About To Get Good". The sleeve of her dress snagged a piece of her dress near her waste, so the rest of the performance had my nerves. I thought she was going to show her lady parts on live TV. 

Several times she uses her arm to brush her hair back, and the snag pulled up the bottom of her dress pretty high. The mesh material underneath barely covered the vital areas. I'm sure she was wearing underwear under her hose but the whole world didn't need to find out.

I have no idea how she did performing because I was so distracted. Check it out:


Now... I'm not complaining cause Shania is sexy, but how embarrassing! And not one of the dancer helped her out! 



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