High Schooler's Friends Bring Senior Homecoming To Him At Hospital

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Blake Mounts is battling Leukemia and stranded in the hospital. It's made him miss out on many different things that a senior in high school should be doing with his friends, but they weren't gonna let him miss Homecoming.

Blake's friends Kaait Michellee and Marilyn Rice, along with his sister Taylor, surprised him by bringing the formal dance to his hospital room with a bunch of friends. They even brought decorations and a shirt and tie for him to wear for the event. 


He was beside himself when they all showed up. The pictures speak a million words about how much this meant to Blake. How amazing that he got to forget about his illness for a little bit and just be a high school senior.


I applaud these teens for such an amazing act of kindness and proving what true friendship and love is. It brought a tear to my eye, seeing them make this kid's day!


His sister thanked everyone for helping with the surprise on Twitter, "We appreciate everyone coming to see Blake and us. We can't thank you enough for all the love and support." She then gave an update on his condition saying, "There are 2 types of leukemia.... Blake had gone through several tests so far and we will be finding out tomorrow what type he has. Currently the doctors are thinking it's both... #BlakeStrong"

We're praying for him to have a fast recovery and get back to just enjoying his last year of High School again! his friends also started a GoFundMe as well. 



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