Falcon's Coach Asking Fans To Link Arms With Them Next Game

The whole #TakeAKnee movement has spread through the NFL over the past week. Many people had opposing opinions on protesting like that during our national anthem, many even boycotting the league, but The Atlanta Falcons have a better idea.

Head coach Dan Quinn mad a statement asking fans to stand up and link arms with them as the National Anthem is sang before this Sunday's game with Buffalo. A sign of "unity" between us all. 

“I think that would be kind of a nice tribute as we’re getting started. It’s an important time in our world. There are a lot of issues that are really important to talk about, and we’ll spend some time and we have as a team talking through some of those," he told 24/7 Sports.

I applaud this act and thinks it a great sign of coming together for this cause. I do agree there are some racial divides and inequalities that we still need to figure out in this world, but the kneeling just seemed to divide everyone, more than unite us for the cause. Though many say it wasn't to disrespect our armed forces and men who've died for this country, it came off that way to a lot of people. I think this new way brings us more together and isn't offensive to the core love for our flag and troops. 

I applaud the Cowboys for their way of kneeling on Monday Night Football too. They all kneeled, while linking arms just before the anthem. Then they all stood up and show respect for the moment. 

I look forward to Sunday when the Falcon's rock the all black throwbacks!! #RiseUp

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