DJ Dirty Talks About The Vegas Shooting Nightmare

After waking up to the events of Sunday night in Las Vegas, the largest mass shooting in U.S. history, I was immediately afraid for several industry friends I knew where at the events in Las Vegas. 

One was my good friend DJ Dirty who works with Jason Aldean's DJ, DJ Silver. He was playing an after party at John Rich's bar Redneck Riviera a few blocks away from the concert event. He recalled seeing some of the most gut wrenching things as he tried to navigate the chaos and make his way back to his hotel. Which was the Mandalay Bay and just a couple floors below the shooter.



DJ Dirty, Chad Robbins, told me he wasn't allowed back into his room until 7am the next day and had to almost sneak his way back into the hotel at that point. He actually had to book a cheap room at a small motel for a few hours to try and get some sleep, being exhausted from all the chaos.

So happy he is alive and well and wasn't harmed in the events but my heart goes out to the families and friends who weren't so lucky. 



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