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Friend Of Otis's Wife In Coma After Vegas Shooting

We are praying hard for all the victims of of the deadly mass shooting in Las Vegas. They are part of our country music family and we always stand together. For my Wife and I, things hit even close to home, as a friend of my wife was one of the victims.

My wife Brittney went to Gardner-Webb University for the first part of her degree, while there she was dorm mates and friends with Tina Frost. She was at the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas watching Jason Aldean when shots rang out. She's now in a race for her life in a Vegas hospital. 

Tina was shot near her eye during the mass shooting. The rest of her friends all made it out safe, but she is recovering after 5+ hours of surgery and placed in a medically induced coma. 

According to her GoFundMe set up by family, "Tina is out of surgery and her vitals are stable. They removed her right eye, where the bullet was lodged, and there is an implant there now to keep the space open. She has sight in her left eye but will never see from the right again. They took out a bone from her forehead to allow the brain room to swell, that will stay out for a few months. She's in a coma and on a ventilator, she cannot breathe on her own. She's critically stable in ICU for at least a week"

We're praying so hard for her right now and ask for all the prayers you can give please! While her and my wife weren't super close, it's a person she cares dearly about and we can't imagine the horror her family is dealing with after this tragedy. God please place your healing hand on her and help her brain and other injuries heal. 

Her GoFundMe set a goal of 50K for her recovery and has already exceeded $91,000. Part of that due to Gardner-Webb alumni, where she played soccer for 4 years, donating a large amount! That speaks HUGE volumes about the care and love of that University. Amazing!

Her sister's Facebook post is heart-wrenching:

Here is a list so far of all the people who lost their life that day: CLICK HERE

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