Brittany Aldean Writes Tear-Jerking Message About Shooting

For several terrifying hours, Brittany Aldean was in fear for her life, the life of her unborn baby, and her husband Jason who was on stage. She wrote a heart-felt, tear jerker message about that night on her Instagram.

Brittany wrote, "Took me a while to be able to write these words... thank you to everyone who has reached out to Jason and I... Means the world to us".

In the message shared, she said she wasn't with Jason when the gunfire started. He was on stage singing until he noticed the shots. She said she was in a tent with friends near the stage. "My first instinct was to run to him and his was the same. As we laid near equipment on stage with some of our road family, all I could think was 'I never even got to hold my baby'"

How terrifying! 


We're so glad their whole family is safe and made it out without injury. I can't imagine how horrifying it was to sit and ponder for hours if this was the end. Especially being an expecting mother and father. 

So many people lost their mothers, fathers, sisters, and brothers in this tragic event. It's crushing and sad that we see this in the world today. I pray that we can somehow find a way to prevent moments like this in the future. I still think the power of God in our world could change a lot of things. We seem to have taken Him out of a lot of things these days, even though we're supposed to be "One nation, under God". Someone with faith and who is God fearing, doesn't use weapons to harm people. 



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