Mandalay Bay Security Guard Breaks His Silence On Ellen

Jesus Campos has been hounded by media and stalked basically since the mass shooting in Las Vegas. He was the 1st to encounter the shooter while working Mandalay Bay Security. He's finally breaking his silence on Ellen, after many news outlets say he had "vanished". 

Campos worked with police to piece together the Route 91 Mass Shooting timeline. He was shot in the leg while responding to a security issue on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay. Campos was joined by Madalay Bay engineer Stephen Schuck to detail what happened that night with Ellen this afternoon. 


Shots began being fired after Campos said a fire escape door slammed shut near the shooters room which may have alerted him. He said, "I heard what I assumed was drilling sounds..... as that [fire escape] doors closing its heavy, it'll slam." The shooter began rapidly firing through the door of his room hitting Campos in the leg as he took cover. 

Campos then reported over his radio shots being fired, and yelled to a responding engineer (Shuck) to take cover. He also saw a hotel guest coming out of their room and told them to stay out of the hallway. 

Campos didn't touch on the change in timelines that have recently been reported but gave a pretty chilling account of the moment the Vegas shooter began his rampage. 



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