NJ Halloween Car Crash Decorations Has People Calling 911


Kevin and Krysten Negrotto of Waretown, NJ are the talk of their neighborhood because of their gruesome car crash Halloween display.

It features a car smashed into a tree, that has a "person" pinned against the tree, and another body laying several feet away. The car is covered in bloody hand prints. It's pretty gruesome and has gotten several people to call 911 and report "an accident." Some neighbors  are even saying it's too much.... especially since it's near a school bus stop. "They think it's too real. Maybe it hits home too much for some people. And I get that, but it's Halloween. It's clearly fake," Kevin told KABC-TV .

The owners use the Supra in crash derby and said it was gonna be in the way so they just decided to use it as a decoration. 

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